The Orange Line

November 17, 2016 Naneen Product photography 1 comments

Earlier this year I was commissioned to photograph a range of prototype Deluxe Backgammon Tables for The Orange Line .

The Deluxe Backgammon tables are a super luxury product for the very wealthy so it was appropriate that I photographed them in equally luxurious locations. I was lucky enough to find myself on board a beatiful MY anchored in the bay of Juan Les Pins having been picked up from Port Gallice in an equally impressive tender.

Each table weighs approximately 51Kilos so I was thankful to have the help of a strong crew to transport one of them from the Port to the MY.

I have photographed many interiors before but this was a slightly different project as I was focusing on a product which included not only lifestyle shots but also close up details and cut outs for use in the companies press pack.

The shoot took place over three days in three different locations each one more beautiful than the next and the results can be seen below.

The orange Line The Orange Line The Orange Line Deluxe backgammon Deluxe backgammon Deluxe backgammon Deluxe backgammon Deluxe backgammon


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