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The Super Yacht Scholarship 2017 is now Open for applications.

In 2016 Alison Rentoul,  The Crew Coach launched the 1st ever Super Yacht Scholarship for people looking to start a career in the Yachting Industry. It’s now time for the 2nd Super Yacht Scholarship and applying for it could be the best decision you will ever make.


What’s it all about?

The Superyacht Scholarship is a global competition founded by superyacht career coaching company The Crew Coach.
Every year hundreds of hopeful young people come to Antibes, France to try and get their big break as crew onboard a luxury superyacht. They spend thousands of euros on training, accommodation and travel expenses in the hope of succeeding… but not everyone makes it.
This scholarship not only gives the winners all the entry level training courses and certificates they need, but the absolute ultimate edge in having a guiding hand from industry insiders to give them the best possible chance of succeeding in starting their dream career in yachting.

If  you want to travel the world working as crew onboard a luxury superyacht? Don’t miss your chance to WIN everything you need, from specialist training to inside industry assistance, accommodation and much more Including a profile portrait shoot by Me for the 4 lucky winners!

I started working with Alison a few years ago when she asked me to partner with her to offer her clients a professional Profile Photo service as many of them, despite having strong C.V’s were letting themselves down with their photos. As Yachts and agencies receive hundreds of C.V’s for advertised vacancies both Alison and I know that having a good photo greatly increases your chances of ending up on the Yes pile for interviews. After feedback from many agencies and Chief stewardesses they confirmed that a candidates C.V picture was a big factor when making their initial selection for interviews and they welcomed a service which would improve this aspect of C.V applicaions.


For crew agents the advantage for them was obvious, the stronge the C.V they can send out to their clients the more chance they have of placing their candidates and receiving their commission. For potential employers and Chief Stews and Captains a good Picture helped greatly in putting a face to the experience on the C.V. Although one might think it shallow what a person looks like in their picture, like it or not,  your photo creates the first impression. In a highly competitive, highly professional and image driven industry having a bad photo on your C.V. is not a good start to getting your dream job.

“Remember, a picture tells a thousand words – what does your CV photo say about you? You never get a second chance to make a first impression so make sure yours is that of a mature, professional candidate who cares about quality in everything they do, has a great eye for detail and takes the yachting industry seriously.

Having a professional CV photograph gives you the certainty and reassurance that your CV will be considered in the best possible light, and gives you the greatest chance of being called for an interview. Don’t let yours let you down – get out there and get a great photo taken today!”

Alison Rentoul. The Crew Coach Blog.

Last year The Crew Coach and I also teamed up to offer special 1/2 price profile shoots to newbies who attended her weekly ‘New crew Talks’  held at the Quays Pub in Antibes every Friday afternoon. We will be running this offer again in 2017.

img_5976    img_7076    img_3818    img_1465

At the first talk 18 people signed up for a shoot with me the following morning. One of these was the girl on the right (above). Sho had been planning to look for work on cruise ships before deciding to try instead to get in to the Yachting Industry. She had arrived a few weeks earlier and had already registered at all the agencies and been dock walking handing out her C.V. but to no avail.

A week after our shoot I bumped into a friend of mine who was at the time the chief stewardess on MY Rahal and she asked me if I had taken the photo of afore mentioned girl, I cofirmed that I had.

Turns out that the Chief Stew had received the same girls C.V a couple of weeks before but had discarded it for a couple of reasons but a big factor was her photo. The new C.V with the new photo however ended up on her desk again a couple of days before we met. She told me in no uncertain terms that the new photo had turned a no candidate into a yes candidate and that the girl was starting a trial with the boat the following day. How amazing is that!! Infact she berated me for not having sent the girl to her after taking her photo :) however she was totally over the moon that she had potentially found the perfect person for the postition.

To be clear I believe the girl had also re-written her C.V. on having attended the Crew Coach and listened to all the advice given out during the talk but the Photo was the first thing that drew the Chief stew into reading her C.V. after which she remembered that she had seen the same persons C.V before. The fact that this candidate had re-worked her C.V and invested in a great new photo told the Chief Stew that she was serious about entering the industry as well as being willing to learn, take advice and most importantly that she was professional.

To cut a long story short after her trial she got the Job and judging by her FB page she has never looked back. She is now happily travelling the world and enjoying her new career which has totally changed her life.

The moral of the story? well you can probably work that out for yourself.

No one is claiming that a photo alone will get you that dream job but it WILL get you an interview for your dream job. The rest is up to you!

So Back to the Scholarship. To give yourself an even bigger advantage over your competitors get yourself organised and enter- you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

HURRY – applications close on the 16th of January 2017! #superyachtscholarship



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