I Love Cap d’Antibes

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Why I love Cap d’Antibes.

When I first moved to Cap d’Antibes in 2009 I cried for months. I had moved here, un-willingly,  from VilleFranche with my partner and daughter because the villa we had been renting had been put up for sale and we couldn’t quite afford the 1million plus price tag to buy it (sic.)

My partners work was based in Antibes and he had been suffering a 4hr plus daily commute for several months so the sensible thing for us to do was to move closer to Antibes.

olivette 2

By pure chance we went to look at an apartment in Cap d’Antibes which my partner convinced me to take as we had only 1 week left to vacate our villa. So at the beginning of February 2009 we packed up and moved to Cap d’Antibes.


I remember our French friends finding it very amusing that of all the places we could move to we found an apartment on the Cap! I on the other hand was too busy mourning our old life in Villefranche to appreciate that we had found a gem in the heart of one of the most luxururious locations in the world.

Over the last 8 years I have become fascinated by the diversity, history and beauty of this place. It is so much more than the home of Roman Abramovitch and celebrity parties at the Hotel du Cap, although the Hotel du Cap is possibly one of the most famous and beatiful Hotels on the Cap and steeped in History. But, who are the people who make this fabulous Hotel what it is? I want to share with you the stories of the people who work there,  Stay there and party there, and also the suppliers who are all at the top of their industries.

Olivette        plage des ondes         space invader

There are approximately 2000 homes on the Cap, some owned by Bankers, Russian Oligarths, Middle eastern Royalty but many of the smaller homes have been held for generations by wealthy French families. In addition  many regular people like me also live in the handful of long term rental properties. Such a uniquely diverse group of people living side by side.

Over the years I have become fascinated by this other side of the Cap. Who lives in these houses and apartments, who are the people I pass by daily, how did they get here, what do they do, why do they live here, what’s their story.

Pink house

I have invented their stories for my own amusement over the years but always thought it would be fascinating to know more about these people. Someone should document them, maybe I should do it! Yes, Maybe I should do it!

And so my new project was born, a new blog titled ‘I Love Cap d’Antibes’ .

Over the next few weeks and possibly years :)  I will be interviewing and photographing people who live in Cap d’Antibes. People who have lived here all of their lives, well before it became the playground of the super rich, people who have moved here more recently and the people who work here.

roses elen roc  The rose gardens at Ville Eilen Roc

There are so many people I see throughout the year like the Twins who jog around the Cap and who are always together, always in matching outfits, sometimes they cycle, on identical bikes. I so want to know more about them, maybe they don’t even live on the Cap but they are certainly part of the Cap scenery, I was told recently that they are Austrian and work as Stewardesses, I so hope they are as I would love to get a picture of them in their uniforms- which I am certain wil be identical.

Or the Husky dog with the poignant blue eyes who has no home but can always be seen outside the Butchers shop in the Centre of the Cap. I was told once that the dogs owner died many years ago so the local businesses kind of took care of him. Unfortunately I haven’t seen him for a few months so he may have passed away, again I would love to know his story and what has happened to him. I have  since discovered that the dog was infact a she. Her name was Tina and she did indeed sadly pass away in November 2016 :(.

Or the Russian Oligarth (one of many), whose son goes to the same school as a friends daughter and who bought and restored Jules Vernes house which stands magnificantly on the Cap with a view over the bay of Juan Les Pins.

Larry bday154

Or the old man in the Red Jacket who sits down by Plage des Ondes regular as clockwork most evenings… what’s his story??

Where else can you enjoy a day at the beach sitting opposite tens of Superyachts anchored swimming distance away, or go for an afternoon stroll along the rocks next to Hotel du Cap only to come face to face with 20 Papparazzi’s perched precariously on the jagged rocks trying to get ‘that’ shot of a celebrity arriving by tender at Eden Roc.

Where else can you wander down the street to watch from just a couple of metres away the A-listers arrive at the annual Amfar Gala at The Hotel du Cap. Unless you live here it is practically impossible (unless on foot) to access the Cap during this event, I wander past the 100’s of queing limousines which block the road outside my house every year to soak up the excitement of this luxury charity circus.

img_0614 img_0569img_0565img_0517img_0467

Where else can you find yourself driving in front of the latest Bugatti Veyron which in itself isn’t that novel when you live where I do, however if it’s just been smashed up by either it’s owner (driving) or his young son (in the passenger seat) and is literally limping it’s way home, if you can say that about a car, then you know you have seen something very special.  Yep this actually happened last summer.

I could go on and on which is why I decided I had to start this blog as there are way too many stories to share in one post.

So many people live here throughout the year from the super rich right down to their staff and everybody in between and my plan is to document as many of these people as possible over the next few years.

So wish me luck on my new photographic venture and I look forward to sharing some fascinating stories with you on a regular basis in the future……….watch this space.

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